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Wabash County Museum is currently inventorying and digitizing our extensive collection.  As part of this, we will be placing a large portion of the collection online for public access.  As items are added, they will be available by clicking the button below.  


Due to a high volume of requests, please make an appointment with us regarding any research inquiries.


To schedule an appointment, email us at 

and we will reach out to discuss availability.

Thank you!


Our current collection consists of more than 175,000 artifacts representing Wabash County history. The Richard E. Ford Archives & Research Center houses photos and information about Wabash County residents, local businesses, and organizations. The vast collection is used for exhibits on and off-site, educational programs, and research. For more information, contact us at

or make an appointment by phone at 260.563.9070.


Upon appointment, guests are welcome to browse our archives with the assistance of our Collections' staff members. To make an appointment or for any general inquiries, click the button below or email us at  with a brief description of what you are looking for, the time period, and any other specific information you can provide.


Our Museum's collection continues to grow thanks to the generosity of our donors and community who entrust their items to us for preservation. 

Acquisition priority shall be given to materials which reveal and/or relate to the history of Wabash County and its residents and made or used at least 25 years prior to the year they are offered to the Museum.  Exceptions will be made for materials, which, because of their unique nature, will enhance the Museum's already existing collection.

 For any questions, please contact us at (260) 563-9070 for more information. 


Collections volunteers will be responsible for assisting collections staff in conducting collection and archival projects and maintenance of, especially large scope. Through their efforts, the Wabash County Museum will be better able to utilize its extensive collection, preserve it more capably, and increase digital access. Ideal volunteers would be passionate about Wabash’s history and the artifacts that represent it. Knowledge regarding antiques and Wabash’s citizens would be extremely valuable. New volunteers will have to fill out an application and submit to a background check.


Volunteers will be trained by Museum staff to:

  • Utilize PastPerfect Software for inventory management

  • Update and maintain inventory listings in Microsoft Excel

  • Operate camera equipment to photograph specific artifacts for record-keeping purposes

  • Operate scanning equipment and software for digitizing photographs and documents

  • Catalog, number, and house artifacts

  • Conduct oral history interviews

Hours for volunteer opportunities will be between 10 am-5 pm, Tuesday-Friday, preferably in at least one consistent two-hour block of time per week.

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