Hill Street Access

Running parallel to the trail here is the extension of Hill Street. This roadway has a history dating back centuries as it was originally a trace used by Native Americans and later French explorers to reach distant trading posts. Augustin de La Balme’s doomed “army” probably used this path on their way to destruction outside Columbia City during the Revolutionary War. In later years, it was a toll road! In those days, Lagro was the premier agricultural market in this region and grain from as far away as Muncie was sold and shipped through Lagro, taking full advantage of the Wabash-Erie Canal. If you were to follow the road just a bit longer you would come to the site of the “Irish War” which was the first time Wabash County itself made national news. Two of the work groups on the canal met just down the road to the East here, and one group even procured a cannon. They began threatening each other with violence and setting fire to things, eventually the state militia was called in to break up the fighting and the guns and cannon were confiscated. Work on the canal resumed immediately.

Toll gate on East Hill Street.