A Bit About Bicycles & Wabash

Wabash County has some interesting bicycling history and anecdotes. Although our bike trail is relatively new, bicycling has been popular since the late 1800s. Mark Honeywell began his entrepreneurial career as a
bicycle repairman. Oliver Showalter, a local artist and photographer, once held the world record for balancing upright on a bicycle without pedaling – he accomplished the feat at the Bradley Building in Wabash in front of a large audience. He got the idea to break the record when riders from the Tour de France came through Wabash to advertise that race. Showalter took a personal disliking to one of the riders, who happened to boast about his holding the record for sitting, stationary, on a bike without pedaling. The Wabash youth decided to try to strip him of this accolade out of spite. The bike he used is housed at the Wabash County Museum. The current world record was captured while suspended on a tight rope between two buildings, so the requirements are much higher if you should want to regain the record for Wabash County.


Big Four Store, current site of the Wabash County Museum, selling goods including a bicycle in 1895.