The Interurban, Railroad, and Photography!

Probably due to the proximity to town, this spot is one of the better photographed places around. People have been coming here for well over 100 years to grab photographs of this bridge, viaduct, and the vehicles and people using them. The railroad bridge was built in 1906 and has survived countless floods and an earthquake. It remains a popular vantage point and fishing spot. An early pioneer story tells of fishing down here and having to run back into town for fear of the wolves that inhabited the forest. They lost all their fish too.


The interurban that travelled to Lagro passed directly under this viaduct. This marks the spot where the canal hugged the river to try to avoid the hills that the City of Wabash is largely built upon. The area just ahead has been heavily altered; first by the Treaty in 1826 and the building required to host that event, then by the canal and the workers who built it, then the railroad and interurban, the railroad especially heavily altered this whole area by blasting the hill back and leveling the ground. Today, what used to be a rarely used dirt path is a paved trail that serves all sorts of recreational purposes. Be sure to snap a photo and perhaps wonder for a moment what else this spot may witness?


The Interurban passes right through this spot in 1938.


Thankfully the water is much lower today than it was in 1913 during the Great Flood!