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About the Museum

The Wabash County Museum is proud to be the keeper of history, an ever-evolving place to engage, explore, and to learn from the past, present and future of our county and beyond. ​We use state-of-the-art exhibits and engaging programming to introduce guests to the rich history of this one-of-a-kind county.

From the Miami and Potawatomi tribes who lived here, to the treaty that opened the area up for transportation  allowing the development of the Wabash-Erie Canal and the Big Four Railroad, to the many innovative people who have built and led world-impacting businesses, and more, the Museum provides a look at history that is both global and personal.

Annually, the Museum welcomes thousands of members, guests, tourists, and school children through our doors.  


The Wabash County Museum is a not-for-profit, operating entirely through

memberships,  admissions, and private donations. 


To inspire children, connect families, and create community engagement through an appreciation of local history and culture that focuses on research, education, and quality of life interests.  

Meet The Team

Teresa 2023 (1).JPG

Teresa Galley

Executive Director

Community Connections: 

Member, Wabash Cultural District Advisory Committee

Kayla 2023.JPG

Kayla VanDiepenbos

Executive Assistant/Project Manager

Community Connections:

Wabash Kiwanis Club

Brian 2023.JPG

Brian Haupert

Director of Operations

Community Connections:

Wabash County Commissioner

Alec 2023.JPG

Alec Guenin

Archives & Collections Associate

Community Connections:

Pres, LaFontaine History Club

Paradise Spring Historical Park Board

Hope 2023 (1).JPG

Hope Schoening

Marketing Intern 

TJ 2023.JPG

TJ Honeycutt

Director of Archives & Outreach

Community Connections:

Pres-Elect, Wabash Rotary Club

Wabash Co. Museum 3-2023 (5).JPG

Danielle Hipsher

Guest Experience Associate

2023 Board of Directors

            Board Officers


Board Chair           Kristen Petruniw       

Board Vice Chair    Keith Gillenwater       

Board Treasurer      Christy Reynolds     

Board Secretary      Rachel Castle 

Board Members

Pam Campbell

Candie Cooper McCoart

Mark Frantz  

Dave Haist

Brian Haupert
Mayor Scott Long

Tyler Olson

Dr. Amy Sivley


Pete JonesHonorary Member

Brent Dawes, Honorary Member

Lee Ann George, Honoray Member

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