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Welcome to the Paint the Plank!

We are renovating our fence in the east parking lot and we want YOUR artwork on our fence! Support the Museum and show off your artistic abilities by purchasing and painting a fence plank! 

Rules and requirements

  • Fence planks are $50 each

  • Art should include an organization or business name

  • Planks will remain up through June 6, 2022

  • The museum has the right to refuse to hang any plank that is deemed inappropriate

  • The deadline to purchase a plank is August 31, 2021.

Purchase your fence panel below or come in and purchase it today!

Wabash County Museum

36 E. Market Street

Wabash, IN 46992

All proceeds from Paint the Plank will go towards STEM-centered activities and improvements for The Den!

We Need Your Support Today!

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