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Museum to Host All for You: An Indiana University Bicentennial Traveling Exhibit

On Friday, October 4th, the Wabash County Museum will be hosting Indiana University's traveling exhibit, All for You, as part of their Family Fun Night festivities from 4pm to 8pm.

This interactive exhibit explores IU's impact on the state. The exhibit features content from every IU campus in various mediums, including virtual reality, 3D prints, physical objects from IU's collect ions, videos, and historic images.

How has Indiana University impacted the State of Indiana and improved the lives of citizens in every Indiana county? That is the core question at the heart of the All For You exhibit. The bus shares stories of IU's contributions to knowledge and community through service and, in some cases, in ways that citizens do not even realize. Four interactive monitors allow visit or s to customize their exhibit experience by choosing to watch and listen to more than fifty short films. Among the objects displayed include marketing objects related to Crest toothpaste, an Interactive Bird House, political buttons, Lilly King's swim cap from the Rio Olympics, Glenn Close's earrings from Fatal Attraction, and Indiana herbarium and fauna samples.

The Indiana University Bicentennial is a multi-year, multi-campus program that is academically driven, historically grounded, intellectually stimulating, and enjoyable. Through focused study and criticism, reflection, celebration, and documentation, the Bicentennial demonstrates how Indiana University has served as a 11people's university." The Program includes a dynamic series of Bicentennial Signature Projects complemented by activities stemming from individuals, departments, schools, and campuses. The Goals of the IU Bicentennial are: Celebrate and recognize; Chronicle, document, and explore; Inspire and engage.



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